About Skip's

Forever Changing the Way You Eat

Skip’s Peppers is a proprietary blend of hot peppers that have been smoked over a hard wood fire, roasted to perfection, and ground to a powder. When applied to your favorite meal, it will forever change the way you eat.

Sure, it’s a bold statement. But then again, so are we.

All About the Flavor

At Skip’s, we believe food should taste good. We’re not here to melt your tastebuds just for the heck of it.

Our peppers provide a perfect blend of robust smoky flavor and heat. Only after you have experienced the aroma of the peppers and tasted their smoky sweetness will you feel the heat.

Meet Skip

My name is Scott. You can call me Skip. It’s a nickname my friends gave me in college that’s stuck with me for 30 years.

Skip’s Peppers started when I was in my second year of planting a small garden and I ended up with more peppers than I knew what to do with. One fall day while smoking something on the grill, it occurred to me that I should smoke the peppers. After grinding them up, bagging them, and bringing them camping, I gave them to my friends. The peppers were an instant hit.

Under a star-filled sky with a roaring campfire, a little whiskey in hand, and the soft lonesome sounds of a mandolin, the name Skip’s Peppers was born.

Skip’s Peppers: A Hidden Gem
Skip's Peppers blend jars and packets on a cutting board with peppers

Getcha Some!

Add a dash of smoky flavor to your favorite dishes with Skip’s Peppers today.

Two Skip's Peppers jars on a cutting board with seasoned meat and peppers

Find a Recipe

The uses for Skip’s Peppers are only limited by your imagination. Check out our favorites for inspiration.

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