Picked this wonderful pepper up at the Chili Convention in Texas.  The flavor is like a bouquet, a fruity-toast base with a great warmth and noticeable heat that stays consistent with each bite.  I used this in a vegan dip/dressing recipe (Cooks Illustrated Nov/Dec 2018 pgs 14 - 15).  With strong ingredients, this seasoning becomes part of the balance.  It doesn't overheat and doesn't overpower.  Skip's unique smokiness works better than smoked paprika.  It also doesn't create off colors.  Great job!” -Rose M. 

“Skip and I met at the Farmer's Market in Nashville a few weeks ago at which time he sold me on a single bottle of Skip's Peppers Original.  I told him that I would add it to my already "perfect" chili and let you all know the outcome.  Well, I have to say that your product elevated my chili and added a much needed smokiness that made it my best ever. Congrats on an excellent and differentiated product which will bring everyones world famous chili to the next level!”-John from Olathe, Kansas

“We bought the Habanero blend at the Nashville Farmer's market and are blown away by how smokey the flavor is! We absolutely love it and literally put it on everything. I balked at the price at first, but bought it anyway because we are spicy food lovers. After trying it, I will happily pay $20 for a bottle and am thankful to have found you there that day! P.S. my 15 year old son is one of your biggest fans!" -Mandy Kelly


"We bought our Skip's Peppers at the Farmer's Market on a whim. I am so glad we did!! You definitely can tell it's just peppers with no salt added. We put it into everything from, chili and taco meat, to green beans and fried eggs. It has the perfect amount of heat and packed full of flavor. Skip's Peppers quickly became my secret helper in the kitchen!" -Rachel Mitchell


"When I opened the packet, I could immediately smell the Woody flavor. Tastes Great! I have not tried the Habanero, yet. The Original is Hot enough for me! I was sprinkling it on just about everything for the first week." -Gary Walther


"My husband, friends and I met you at at the farmers market in Nashville a few weeks back. We both purchased your Habanero spice. I finally used it today for our football game spread! AMAZING!! I’m going to buy more for gifts!" -Wendy Nichols


"Just bought original and Habanero yesterday in Hendersonville using now on deviled eggs at Thanksgiving dinner. Getting rave reviews! Thanks!" -Bill Sweatman


"Being Indian and really fusing Indian cooking and spices into just about everything is a natural flow of cooking in my house. The minute I found Skip's, I was now able to add a dash of mystery to all my creations. My guests, puzzled, while in ecstasy, try to guess where the Smokey heat is coming from, as they know it’s definitely not Indian spices. This alone has me replacing the heat part of my cooking with Skip's more often than not. I love how my cooking has evolved with Skip's." -Navin Jayasekar


"I used Skip’s smoky habanero in our bloody Mary’s this morning and it sent them to a whole new level! So good!" -Mike Branch


"Stopped by the Nashville Farmer's Market last spring and bumped into 'Skip' and his peppers. The smoked habanero has become my favorite seasoning - I use it on eggs, cauliflower, chili, nachos - anywhere I want a smoky heat. I need a 3-fer deal!" -Gary Mosbruger


"I have been using Skip's for awhile now. I put that stuff on everything. I put it on fried bologna. OMG?" -William Brandau


"I like spicy foods, and last year at Christmas I received some Skip's smoky Habanero as a gift. I immediately fell in love with the stuff and I just ordered my 3rd container of it.  A lot of companies sell products that can put some heat in
your food, but Skip's delivers the kick WITH FLAVOR! That's what separates it from the rest of the pack. Good stuff Skip!!!" - Spike O'Dell


"YUM!! Let me tell you, born and raised in Mexico, there aren’t a lot of spices or hot sauces that impress me, Skip’s Peppers passed the Latina steel stomach’s test lol. I bought the habanero flavored spice and I find it delicious, not extreme but not wimpy.... just right!! ;) Ready to purchase my next one :). LOVE that your product is made locally and there aren't fake ingredients in it." - Claudia Lopez


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