The Pepper Garden

The Pepper Garden

September 8th, 2022


The Pepper Garden

The Story of Skip’s Reserve


For those of you interested in a little company history, this is our garden.  The one that started this crazy voyage.   Our Research and Development Garden.

Born in 2012, this 70 square foot patch of dirt has produced a verity of peppers from whatever was available at the local big box retailer.    Jalapeños, Poblanos, Cow Horns, where the norm.   Over the years, it has produced serrano’s, cayenne’s in different colors, sweet and even a ghost pepper or two. 

At harvest time, we would run the peppers through what is now our process.  Failing, learning, and improving each year, we would wind up with about 20 bottles like we use today, and hand them to friends as gifts.   My buddy Mike still has every year going back to 2015. Over time we began to name this once-a-year batch. 

Welcome to Skip’s Reserve.  

Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing pics from this year’s crop and what will be Skip’s Reserve 2022.   Stay tuned for more.  


✌️❤️🌶🌶.   Skip

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